One of the services we provide is economic disputes resolution in Smolninskiy Commercial Court of Arbitration, constituted under PRESIDENT CONSULT. The jurisdiction of the court includes a majority of disputes in Civil law, except for mandatory cases addressed to other court institutions by law; the exclusion would constitute bankruptcy trials; creation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities; shareholders and joint-stock ventures disputes etc.

The advantages of Commercial arbitration over the court of arbitration are:

  • The resolutions are final and are not to be appealed;
  • The court is allowed organize the assize sessions;
  • The court provides resolutions in a timely manner;
  • Less formalities in the process.

Execution of resolutions of Arbitration and Commercial arbitration are both guaranteed by law.

Our Arbiters are highly qualified lawyers with significant background in the area of commercial circulation; they provide impartial and professional resolutions on economic disputes in timely manner.

When requesting disputes resolutions in Smolninskiy commercial court of arbitration, make sure to include the clause which prescribes...? into the text of the agreement (or the additional agreement). The recommended wording would be:

“The disputes on this particular agreement, and disputes arising from it are being resolved at Smolninskiy Commercial court of Arbitration (St Petersburg, Shpalernaya st, 60A, prem 61H), in accordance with its bylaws. The resolution of the court of arbitration is final and is not to be appealed.”

The bylaws of Smolninskiy Permanent Commercial Court of Arbitration under “PRESIDENT CONSULT” Ltd., and the appendix on tollage and expenses are provided on demand