Within the course of our business activity we get to know about the objects interesting from the point of view of further money investment.. At our web-site we have disclosed the information on some of such objects really attractive from the investment point of view and in relation to which we have full and detailed information on the legal status at the current moment.

In relation to these objects we guarantee their legal status and may specify legal risks, if any, existing in relation thereto. We guarantee the legal support of selling of and launching the objects into operation.

Our contacts for the projects will be:

Gregory Yurevich Tsvetkov 8 (812) 333 0303, 8 921 939 80 49
​Alena Vitalievna Rukhlova 8 (812) 333 03 03, 8 911 722 14 50

Current investment proposals:

1. Leningrad Region, Vsevolozhsky district, Zavodskoy - sale of production facility

Land plot amounts to 6 hectars, total square meters of premises - 15,836.8; railway road nearby; factory producing concrete goods; 35 kilometeres from the Ring Road. Cost - 160 millions of Rubles.

2. Leningrad Region, Yanino -sale of land plot for production use

Total square meters - 10.6 hectars. Close to the Ring Road (1.5 km); asphalted road. The south border of this land plot is directly linked up to the railway road (there is a possibility of building its own railway blind alley. Cost - 70 millions of Rubles.

3. Saint-Petersburg, Sophiyskaya Ulitsa, 80 - sale of production complex, land plot - total square meters 3.6 hectars, total square meters of premises - 15,550 square meters consisting of: production facility - 12,067.3 square meters; warehouse space - 999 square meters; office premises - 2,484.6 square meters (four stores of the building of Administration and Living Quarters); railway road - 421.35 m; warehouse of an open type for unloading of and storage of steelworks with overhead crane - 3,630.1 square meters; open warehose - approximately 8,000 meter. Cost - 8.2 million EURO.

4. Leningrad Region, city of Vyborg, Ulitsa Lenina, 38 - sale of premises for shop

Vyborg, Ulitsa Lenina, 38, sale of shop of the total square meters 1,217; at the ground floor - 577 square meters, and the basement for utilities - 640 square meters; sales hall - 375 square meters. There is hot and cold water, heating, electricity - 70 kw. In relation to these premises there is a long-term lease agreed entered into with the network supermarket, rent fee amounts to 650 thousand Rubles per month. Cost - 65 million of Rubles.

5. Saint-Petersburg, Ulitsa Narodnaya, 2 - sale of premises as a shop

Saint-Petersburg, Ulitsa Narodnaya, 2 - sale of premises of the total square meters 766,1; on the ground floor - 575 square meters; basemenet for housekeeping facilities - 191 square meter. There is cold and hot water, heating, electricity - 75 kw. Cost - 44 million of rubles.

6. Leningrad region, Gatchinsky district, village of Tuganitsy - sale of two cottages - 350 square meters each; two-stores plus mansarda, consisting of 9 rooms; brick and aerated concrete; ready for expoitation - 90% and 62%; land plot 14.25 one hundred square meters for each cottage’ hole shared by two cottages; drain; electricity - 15 kw for each cottage (no agreement signed yet). Cost of cottage (90%) - 4.5 million of Rubles; cost of cottage - 3 million of Rubles.

7. Saint-Petersburg, ulitsa Drovyanaya, 6 - sale of premises to be used as an office

The premises have been renovated, total square meters - 213 at the third floor in the 5th floor building, 8 offices, 10 minutes from the subway station “Baltiyskaya”. There is cold and hot water, heating, electricity. Cost - 350 thousand US Dollars.

8. Sestroretsk, Primorskoy schosse, plot No. 1 - sale of a land plot, total square meters - 50,490 square meters; investment project which could be used as location of medical (recreation) center. Cost - negotiable.

9. Saint-Petersburg, Ulitsa Ryukhina, 3 - sale of a land plot

Sale of a land plot located at Krestovsky Island, total square meters - 990 square meters from the owner with a developed plan for location of sale objects. The project is developed and could be used as a sports club of the total square meters - 8,772; height - 8 stores plus one underground parking of total square meters - 708 suitable for 18 vehicles; total square meters - 858 square meters - 3 minutes from the underground station “Krestovsky Island”. Cost - negotiable.

10. Saint-Petersburg, prospect M. Blyukhera, 12, building 10 - sale of the whole building of the total square meters - 627; two stores, renovation, could be used as operation facility or office. Cost - 55 million of rubles.