The Federal Migration Service has specified the procedure for issuing residence permits for foreign highly skilled specialists.

"Administrative regulations on the provision of state service to the Federal Migration Service for issuing residence permits to foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation", approved by Order of the Federal Migration Service from 29.02.2008 No. 41, supplemented by a new subsection, which establishes a procedure for the issuance and renewal of residence permits for a highly skilled specialist, working in Russia, his family members, children under the age of eighteen years, and adult disabled dependants of such person, who have just arrived in Russia.

The residence permit is issued without a permit for temporary residence. The basis for the initiation of the administrative procedures for issuing a residence permit is the submission of copies of the required documents by the foreign citizen to the territorial authority of the Federal Migration Service of Russia at the intended place of permanent residence. The decision on granting or refusal of a residence permit is taken within a period not exceeding three months from the date of application.

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