Smolninsky Permanent Court of Arbitration was established under LLC PRESIDENT CONSULT.

We offer you the right to resolve economic disputes by using Smolninsky Court of Arbitration.

The main advantage of arbitration as compared to litigation is the speedy resolution of cases and less formal approach to the procedural aspects.

To submit a dispute to Smolninsky Court of Arbitration an arbitration clause should be included in contracts with contractors (or made into a separate agreement). This clause has to list Smolninsky Court of Arbitration as the body of dispute resolution. Here is a recommended text of the arbitration clause:

"Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement is settled in Smolninsky Court of Arbitration located at: St. Petersburg, ul. Shpalernaya, 60, lit. A pom. 68-H, in accordance with its regulations. The decision of the Arbitration Court is final and not appealable."

We guarantee you a fast, independent, objective and professional arbitration.

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