Electronic Justice

For the first time in the Russian Federation lawsuits may be filed via e-mail to any state court in the country by using: my.arbitr.ru.

On January 24, 2010 a new service "My Arbitrator" was officially launched by the Supreme State Court of the Russian Federation. A lawsuit may be filed in any state court of the Russian Federation through my.arbitr.ru website. To do this, electronic forms are completed with details on the plaintiff and defendant. Relevant and duly certified documents may be attached to the suit. File size limit is 10 megabytes.

This service allows you to initiate a proceeding. Subsequently documents must be submitted on paper. The court will process the application in about two days, and either accept or reject it.

A lawsuit may be filed round the clock, including weekends. You may submit an incomplete set of documents, then the court will leave the claim unprocessed, but the limitation period remains the same.

This service can help when filing a lawsuit in a court located in another region or in a situation where the court's decision is received late and there's little or no time left for an appeal. When modified the service may be used for proceedings under a simplified procedure. Lawsuits worth not more than 300 000 rubles will be reviewed under the simplified procedure, including some simpler cases such as debt collection.

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