Remote work in Russia

An amendment to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation that regulates the work of remote employees came into force on April 19, 2013.

Remote work is understood to be job function performed by an employee outside the employer’s location and away from a stationary workplace, area or facility that is directly or indirectly controlled by the employer. An employment contract is signed between the employer and employee. To perform their job function and liaise with the employer it is mandatory that the employee uses public information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet.

An encrypted digital signature is used for signing the employment contract.

Working hours and holidays are set by the remote worker at their own discretion, unless otherwise expressly provided in the employment contract.

Among other things, the employment contract includes:

  • Performance report procedure and terms;
  • Procedure and terms for providing the employee with the necessary software and hardware devices, including information security tools needed for work as stated in the employment contract;
  • Procedure for providing paid annual leave and other holidays.

The employer may terminate employment on grounds provided in the employment contract.

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