Briefing "Deoffshorization and Declaration of Foreign Assets"

On May 20, 2015, the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce in Saint-Petersburg along with the support of LLC “PRESIDENT CONSULT” and with participation of the consulting company Larssen Capital ( Crowe Horwath Group), Estonia, held a round table devoted to the new regulations on the controlled foreign companies new for Russia and a draft law of the Russian Federation “On voluntary declaration of assets and bank deposits and on amendments into the certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

The Managing Partner of LLC “PRESIDENT CONSULT”, Mikhail Onatsky, reported on the main provisions of the draft law pertaining to the “amnesty of capitals”. The Chief of Civil Law and Tax Disputes Department, Viktoria Chernenko, gave an in-depth and detailed analysis of the provisions of the Russian law on the controlled foreign companies. Leonid Ageev, the Managing Partner of Larssen Capital, reported on key tendencies of the European legislation on deoffshorization and exchange of tax information as well shared his views on practice of application of law on the controlled foreign companies in Estonia.


Mikhail Onatsky, Managing Partner of LLC “PRESIDENT CONSULT”

Leonid Ageev, Managing Partner of Larssen Capital

Viktoria Chernenko, Chief of Civil Law and Tax Disputes Department

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