The team at PRESIDENT CONSULT has been efficiently providing the following services to our clients in corporate tax area:

  • Recommendations on appropriate structure for contract relations, including the international transactions;
  • Evaluation of the taxation implications of certain transaction;
  • Amendments to contracts in compliance with the updates in tax legislation.

PRESIDENT CONSULT represents their clients in tax disputes for the following issues:

  • Supporting negotiations with Tax officers on financial and economic activity of the enterprise; timely put to rest disagreements of our clients.
  • Drafting responses on acts of tax audits; drafting appellation papers on tax audits findings to Higher Tax officials. As per our experience, pre-trial settlement is possible and favourable in the early investigation stage, when the majority of additional taxes could be annulled.
  • Appellation to Arbitration Court on Tax officials’ conclusions, actions or inaction. The measure is employed when the pre-trial settlement is partially or completely unfeasible.

Examples from practice