There are situations when a client interacts with state authorities: a dispute between the client and the state body might pop up; the client applies to a government agency for the protection of their rights infringed by the actions of the other party's commercial activity; the state body may be a counterparty of the company when dealing with state orders placement; the state could be the party of civil circulations alongside with business entities.

Achieving favourable results in the above mentioned cases would require the support of an experienced legal specialist.

From our professional experience we have identified the following key aspects for successful interaction:

  • The extended knowledge of state body terms of reference and jurisdiction, the regulations on resolutions and internal interactions;
  • Complex support of the project;
  • Extensive paperwork, covering all the bureaucratic regulations on the contents and lay out;
  • Hand in glove contacts with state officials; the pre-trial settlement is achievable in majority of cases with the professional approach to interactions according to our experience;
  • Extensive knowledge of resolution procedures both within state bodies and arbitration court.

Services PRESIDENT CONSULT provides:

  • Representing our clients’ interests in tax disputes within tax authorities, negotiations, appellations on tax audits acts with administrative and court procedures;
  • Representing our clients’ interests in antitrust bodies, and in court for antitrust disputes;
  • Representing our clients’ interests in negotiations and disputes with state bodies on real estate and privatization;
  • Representing our clients’ interests in disputes with the Central Bank and regional bodies on securities registration and appellations regarding refusals on registration etc;
  • Leasing with the Central bank as witness to the trials on securities issue and circulation;
  • Appellation on state bodies resolutions in other cases;
  • Legal support for registration of legal entities in Federal Tax Agency and Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation;
  • Legal support of securities issue registration in the Central Bank;
  • Legal support in registration of real estate transactions and property rights to real estate;
  • Legal support in land plot formation;
  • Representing our clients’ interests in interactions with the State in civil circulations.

Examples from practice